How to restore a suspended Twitter account

If you are suspected in doing some abnormal activities on twitter account which may break the terms and conditions of usage and this activity allows a way to get your twitter account suspended with notice.  However there also some cases where the twitter platform hangs up your account by mistake, when your twitter account is suspended for one day then there some simple procedures and ways to follow in order to recover Twitter account. When you try to log into your twitter account and received a message like this “Sorry the twitter profile which you were trying to view has been suspended due to the strange activities”. By seeing this message you need to be unruffled and calm by yourself, this is because you need to write a reply message to to check what is happening on your account. There are quite numbers of people are facing this kind of problem, so just stay calm and make sure that you follow the rules and regulation of accessing the twitter.

Things you need to do o recover your Twitter account

  • To restore your postpone twitter account, you need to do following things only then you can recover your twitter account. As a first and foremost thing you need to submit a request or support ticket at the help center of twitter site.
  • Rise up your quire with your issues and you are also advised to write the problem which you are facing now in a considerate manner. You can also write about your twitter activities on the and request them in respectful manner.
  • After submitting the request application form wait for about 24 hours or more for the reply from their side to recover twitter account. However if your account has not yet been recovered after one or two days then you can create another new account with new username and password.

Although you have submitted the account recovery application form to twitter the time for your twitter account to be recovered is yet to be determined. Some people will be waiting for the reply for about one week. Therefore the best way to make use of your twitter account is to read through the twitter terms and usage condition because preventing is always better than cure. If you want you can also get help from the social media experts where they will help you out from this problem and you can access your twitter account.

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